name: Victoria Vix Autumn Deverell.
nickname: Legs, Blondie, Baby Girl.
dob & age: November 01, 1989 | 25.
current residence: Astoria, Queens, NYC.
education: Cert. Auto Tech @ Lincoln Technical College, Queens.
occupation: Mechanic at Seven Sins Customs
marital status: Single.
family: Jonathan (Father. 59. Retired Mechanic) & Lilia (Mother. 64. Interior Decorator, Former Dancer).
pet(s): Zombie & Mordred.
ride: Elvira; A 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am (kept at her parents').

Has been going by "Vix" for so long, she considers it her first name, rather than a nickname. Few know her real first name, and even fewer are brave enough to use it.
Attended dance lessons from 2-14 to make her mother happy. She likes to dance, but never wanted to do so professionally.
Loves dogs, but has been skittish around them since being attacked by a poodle in 2012.
Rarely drinks to get drunk after finishing her party years early, and stays away from any street drugs other than pot.
Was bullied in high school until junior year when she started fighting back, but had few friends her own age, those she did have were ride or die. She got expelled that year for fighting and made the decision to get her GED instead.
Has always wanted to travel, but doesn't like airplanes. If she can't drive there, she isn't going.
Has had a curiosity about mummies and skeletons and such since childhood. She wanted to be an archeologist until she was 10 when she decided she wanted to fix cars like her dad.
Is a pretty friendly person, unless you fuck with someone she loves, or give her shit about being a girl and a mechanic... then you'll find out how unfriendly she can be.
Started saving cash as a teenager when her Mother instilled a swear jar. She still puts in 20-50$ every Sunday to cover her for the week. The money hasn't been touched since the jar started. Her Mom filters it into a savings account every month.
Sings at Karaoke after a few shots, or at home in the shower, but has no idea her voice is actually pretty good.
Her parents told her about her birth mother when Vix was 10. She had no real hang-ups, considering the fact that the woman never wanted her and the people who had raised her...did. She's had no desire to find her birth mother since looking her up once only to find her in prison for drug offenses and prostitution, and is highly anti-heroin (and most street drugs) as a result.
Prefers older men. She doesn't have unresolved daddy issues either... she just has a thing.

pb: Taylor Momsen
journal: ~vix
aim: motor vixation
writing: third person storybook. aim, customs, threads. ooc friendly.
credit: allistair.
A small baby girl was born on a stormy November morning in Brooklyn to a mother who didn't really want her. Born slightly early, at 35 weeks and weighing less than the Doctors would like, the newborn was put into the neonatal unit where she spent the next couple weeks until it was deemed safe to take her home. Those weeks were both heaven and hell to the couple who had adopted the child as they prayed that the birth mother's heroin use hadn't permanently scarred their child. Victoria Autumn Deverell had no idea at such a young age that the woman who constantly looked at her, held her, fed her, and sang to her wasn't the woman who had given birth to her. Nor did she know that the man who called her "Baby Girl" as he told her about where they were going to live wasn't her father. It didn't matter to the infant. All that mattered was that she was held, fed, changed, and warm. It didn't take long before the Deverells were given the greenlight to take their baby home, and they left the hospital cradling the little miracle they could never have on their own.

To say that Victoria, nicknamed Vix (short for Vixen), was spoiled from the moment she was brought home would be an understatement. Her parents were already approaching middle age when they adopted the girl, and as an only child... she was pretty much given whatever she wanted that the couple could afford. That wasn't to say, however, that she grew up a self-righteous pain in the ass. Her parents were very hard-working people and set good examples for their little girl. A Daddy's girl from the start, Vix spent much of her time helping out in her Dad's garage where he fixed motorcycles and muscle cars. If she wasn't in school, at dance class, doing homework or chores... she was in the garage. She loved the smell of grease and oil and metal, of rubber and WD-40. She knew the names of tools before she knew the names of Disney Princesses, and preferred cars to Barbies (something that thrilled her father, and worried her mother).

High school was hard on the teenager who was really beginning to truly embrace who she was. She loved to wear black, loved to bleach her hair, and didn't give a fuck who thought her music was good or shit. Having grown up an only child, with few friends her own age, Vix had always found it difficult to relate to her peers. She preferred the company of older people, and had to adjust to the fact that most of the seniors naturally snubbed the freshmen. She had to face bullying as well, which was a bit worse than the name-calling she was used to from middle school. Her mouth and sarcasm tended to make the punches worse, and it took her a few years before she started standing up for herself and hitting back. This got her expelled, in time, and the Deverell family decided as a whole that it was best for Vix to drop out and get her G.E.D. She scored high on the test, and applied soon after for automotive school at a technical college in Queens. She was accepted at the age of 17 and began her first year before her eighteenth birthday.

Life as a young adult had been what Vix was waiting for. Her parents helped her get an apartment in Astoria, near a family friend (who was more family than friend), and she was on her own for the first time in her life. The partying was fun, the hangovers in a garage full of loud noises...was not. Still, Vix posessed one hell of a work ethic and rarely missed class. She got her ASE certification at 19 before going into a sort of apprenticeship with a friend of her dad's to learn how to maintain and fix Harleys. By the time she was 23, Vix was working full time with bikes before her brother from another mother, Braysin, "poached" her to work at his place. She's been at Seven Sins ever since. Life is pretty good for the 25 year old. She's got a good job, a decent place to live, awesome friends, and fantastic parents. What more could a woman want?